Waste Circuit Board Shredder

Waste Circuit Board Shredder Waste Circuit Board Shredder

Offer Waste Circuit Board Shredder
Motor:5.5 kw*2
Shredding room:400*300 mm
12 Months Warranty
Perfect Solution Supply
Professional Technician Support

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Product Description





Shredding room size

400*300 mm

500*400 mm

Blade thickness

20 mm

20 mm

Number of Blades

20 pieces

25 pieces


2*5.5 kw

2*7.5 kw




1.Reliable structural rigidity with enough weight

2."V" arrangement cutter blades erect a uniform shredding force.customers can select appropriate cutter blades according to different material characteristics and processing requirements,which can improve production efficiency.

3.Design of locating pin.

  It can ensure the installation accuracy of the shredding room when reinstalling.Make the shredders run safely.

4.Planetary reducer.

   High bearing capacity,High tooth surface hardness,High precision,High speed,High reliablity and High transmission efficiency.

   Low noise,low cost,modularization and standardization.

5.Elecrical System

   JinXin Shredder adopts Siemens PLC and Schneider electrical components.Machine can be operated by button or touch screen.

6.Design of protection.

   Metal shredder is eqippment  with ladders and guardrails.It's convenient for equipment maintenance and protect the safety of        workers.

Installation instructions

How does a PCB shredder work?


The Circuit Board shredders can be used to process various materials.Such as waste TV,washing machines,refrigerator shells,used tires,pipes,plastic pallent,packing drums,old car shells and waste aluminum castings.The baler adopts differential acceleration system, which increases the baling efficiency significantly. 

The installation position of the shredders must consider the space necessary for operation and maintenance.

The installation of the metal shredder must be stable. It is best to put a rubber damping pad on each foot pad to cushion the vibration. The four feet must be leveled and the foundation bolts must be installed.

The rotating blade is extremely sharp and easy to cause injury, even when it is not running. During maintenance, the power supply must be disconnected. Be very careful when disassembling to avoid cutting.


Aluminum cans

Aluminum Cans

  oil drum

Oil Drum

  waste car

Waste Car

waste stainless steel

Waste Stainless Steel

  aluminum scrap

Aluminum Scrap

  metal clip

Metal Clip

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