Which one is strong in the field of industrial waste shredders?

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With the acceleration of economic and social development, the process of industrialization and urbanization is also changing with each passing day. In this context, the inventory and increment of industrial waste remain high, which brings tremendous pressure to the ecological environment.


Activated carbon slag, slag, industrial gypsum, red mud, fly ash and other industrial wastes accumulate in large quantities, not only occupying precious land resources, but also causing double pressure on the environment and economy. The resource utilization of industrial waste is imminent.

 waste shredder

Industrial waste is another "gold mine" misplaced. It is understood that through proper technical treatment, industrial waste can become a high-performance, environmentally friendly industrial raw material or energy source, which can reduce land occupation and achieve the unity of environmental protection, economic and social benefits.


As one of the key links in "turning waste into treasure" of industrial waste, the importance of waste shredding is becoming more and more prominent, and shredding has also become an important way for industrial waste to be harmless, resourced and reduced. Benefiting from this, the market demand for industrial waste shredders has soared.


In the blue ocean of industrial waste shredders, only forward-looking, innovative and diversified waste shredder companies can truly gain a foothold and enjoy the dividends of industrial development. Undoubtedly, Jiangyin JXR Hydraulic CO.,LTD is such a company.


According to JXR, after the crushing treatment of industrial waste, the compatibility is better and the storage space can be reduced; the proportion of industrial waste becomes larger, which increases the loading capacity during transportation and saves money and energy. The garbage has uniform particle size, which is convenient for air flow sorting and comprehensive treatment; the garbage density is uniform, and the combustibility can also be greatly improved. Some industrial wastes can also be used as combustion materials after being compacted.


Among the major industrial waste shredding projects, it is not difficult to find the JXR industrial waste shredder. With advanced process design and technical content, JXR industrial waste shredder is popular in the market and is one of the preferred equipment in the field of industrial waste treatment.


JINXIN Recycling offer a waste shredder with functions of start, stop, reverse, overload reverse automatically, with feature return and overload returns automatically, with characteristics of big torque in low speed and low noise.

 waste shredder

In recent years, the country has vigorously compressed excess production capacity and promoted enterprise innovation and transformation, which has eased the trend of rapid increase in industrial waste production and increased the comprehensive utilization and disposal of industrial waste. However, in general, the resource treatment of industrial waste has a long way to go.


Professionals suggest that the construction of industrial waste centralized treatment facilities, vigorously support the road of industrial waste treatment marketization and industrialization, attract more social funds, encourage individuals and units to build industrial waste centralized treatment facilities, according to "who generates who pays." Establish an effective operating mechanism to ensure the effective resolution of industrial waste disposal problems.


JXR also pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously advocate the deep integration and circular development of the chemical, metallurgical, energy and other industries, so as to fundamentally solve the recycling and utilization of industrial waste. JXR will not forget its original intention, and through more advanced and comprehensive waste crushing equipment, break the bottleneck of industrial waste treatment and help the construction of Beautiful China.


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