Related Introduction of Waste Shredder

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The waste shredder is a machine composed of a crushing knife roller system, a carrying case, a hopper, a power system, and an electronic control system. It is mainly used to crush domestic waste, construction waste, plastic waste, electronic waste, etc. Its function is mainly to reduce its volume and save space to facilitate transportation and recycling. Below I will give a brief introduction to the waste shredder.


The appearance of the waste shredder has its own characteristics according to the design of each manufacturer, but according to the actual production needs, specific crushing requirements, and the internal knife roller structure of the waste shredder, we can divide the waste shredder into four categories: Single-shaft waste shredder, double-shaft waste shredder, four-shaft waste shredder, large-scale waste shredder.


Classification of waste shredders:


1. Single shaft waste shredder

The speed of the knife roller is medium speed: 90 revolutions per minute, single-knife roller structure, can be used for wood, paper, hard plastic, brittle materials, etc. The crushed particles are smaller and more uniform.

waste shredder

2. Double shaft waste shredder

The speed of the knife roller is low: 26/24 rpm, high torque (meaning: low speed and large crushing force), double-knife roller structure, can be used for the crushing and recycling of metals, soft plastics, tires, etc. The particles after crushing are larger. Not uniform.


3. Four-axis waste shredder

Knife roller speed is low speed: 26/24 rpm, high torque (meaning: low speed and large crushing force), four-knife roller structure, especially suitable for the crushing of electronic waste, tires, contaminated soft materials, and the crushed The particles are medium-sized and relatively uniform.


4. Coarse waste shredder

The speed of the knife roller is low: 60 rpm, high torque (meaning: low speed and high crushing force), double-knife roller structure, high power, especially for pre-crushing building materials, cars, and large garbage. The crushed materials are Lumpy, large and uneven.


Use of waste shredder


1.Save transportation costs and landfill costs.

Some of the garbage in life is very large, such as furniture garbage, wood garbage and so on. If we take it directly to the landfill, it can be imagined that the transportation cost is very expensive. In the U.S., you pay for the volume of trash in the landfill. In other words, the larger the volume of your trash, the more you will pay. Therefore, the U.S. treats trash first by smashing the trash to save costs. the goal of.

waste shredder

China is a populous country, and more and more garbage will inevitably be produced in the future. In the near future, the amount of garbage processed can be imagined. Therefore, reducing the volume of garbage and recycling are important environmental protection topics.


After being crushed by a waste shredder, the volume of general garbage can be reduced by 30%, and some materials can even reach 50%.


2. Recycle plastic waste.

In fact, many plastics in our lives can be recycled and reused. For example: polyethylene, polystyrene, nylon, etc. As long as we smash it into small enough particles, we can put it in the extruder to melt and then extrude it for use. But the key point is: the plastic waste particles used for feeding must be small enough, because the process before the extrusion granulation process generally needs to crush the plastic first.


People's lives are inseparable from plastics, and therefore a large amount of plastic waste is generated. The recycling of plastics is a big market. The waste shredder is an efficient and practical helper for plastic recycling.



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