Code for safe operation of scrap metal balers

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People often have a series of problems when using scrap metal baler. Let us scrap metal balers manufacturers explain the safe operation procedures of scrap metal baler for you.

1.Before the operation to wear good work clothes, cuff button, coat hem can not be opened, can not be put on in the moving machine tool, take off clothes, or cloth around the body, to prevent machine wring injury. Wear a good work cap, braids should be put into the cap, not to wear skirts, slippers.

2.Before the baler works, start the equipment to run idling for 1-3 minutes. At the same time, check whether the oil level of the oil tank is sufficient, whether the sound of the oil pump is normal, and whether the hydraulic unit and pipes, joints and pistons are leaking.

3.When turning over the bags, pull the handle of the cover cylinder to the return position, and then push the handle of turning over the bags. Turn over the package plate around each turn over a package should be cleaned in time to prevent stuck.

4.When packing, the operator must pay attention to safety, evenly and in place, and the top cover door should be closed before the packing begins.

5.When packing, the hydraulic handle should be quickly pushed to the designated position to prevent valve blocking and insufficient hydraulic oil flow, resulting in motor over current. Each action is in place, the value handle should be restored to the middle position.

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6.When shutdown, the door cover should be closed, and then stop the motor and cut off the power supply.

7.After packing, all the hydraulic rods must be retracted into the hydraulic cylinder to prevent dust from damaging the sealing ring and oil leakage.

8.Do a good job of regular maintenance work, and find a machine repair immediately if there is oil leakage in the oil pipe.

9.If any abnormality is found, the operation should be stopped immediately and the cause can be eliminated before proceeding.

10.When the cover door is opened, it is strictly prohibited to press the door to prevent accidents.

11.The oil in the tank shall be strictly filtered and kept at an adequate amount of oil at all times. The oil tank should be cleaned and replaced every six months.

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12.Each lubrication place of the equipment shall be lubricated at least once per shift as required, and the sundries in the holding chamber shall be cleaned once per shift.

13.When multiple people operate at the same time, the division of labor should be clear to avoid the danger of misoperation. Those who do not know the main structure, performance and operation rules of the machine shall not start the machine without authorization.

14.In case of serious oil leakage or abnormal phenomena in work, the machine should be stopped immediately. The eyes should not look at the place where the oil is sprayed, and should not be blocked directly by hand, and should not be forced to run with disease.

15.When the machine is running or packed, it is not allowed to repair or touch the moving parts with hands. It is forbidden to press the material in the material box with hands or feet.

The above is our scrap metal balers manufacturers to clean up the scrap metal baler safe use procedures, I hope to help you, if you want to choose the right scrap metal baler welcome you to contact us, we will do our best to serve you.






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