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Since 1999,JXR has been designing and building metal balers and shears for compacting and cutting waste steel scraps.

We Focus on Customer Satisfaction

JXR manufactures kinds of Press Shear,Gantry Shear,Baler shear,Scrap Balers,Waste Metal Shredders for the metal recycling industry.

3D Display, Private Customization

JXR technical team will provide 3D Display which you could know more about machine internal structure and details from all the side. It can even imitate operation.

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Commitment to Quality

Top-class brand of spare parts, Strict quality control, professional testing and commissioning make our equipment with excellent performance.

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Lifecycle Service

24 hours On-line Service, Experienced engineer will be arranged for installation, Advanced maintenance and repair service,ensuring you get the longest lifespan and best performance.

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JXR Featured Project Video

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Y81F-125A Aluminum Can Baler

Y81T-160B Light Steel Metal Baler

Y81T-250A Copper wire Baler

Y81T-200A Iron Coil Baler

Q43-100 Alligator Shear

Scrap Metal Shredder


The Basics of Recycling Scrap Metal for Money

Most of us know the value of recycling and reusing items like plastic bottles, hand-me-down clothing, and newspapers. Through reuse and recycling, we can reduce what goes to the landfill, reduce waste, and save on energy used to produce new materials. Some of these metals include copper, steel, aluminum, brass, and iron. Unfortunately, these materials often end up in the garbage due to the lack of knowledge and sources for metal recycling. We’re here to help educate the community about the opportunity to bring your unused metal items it to the right place for recycling — and make some cash, too.

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What do you know about the electrical control circuit of the metal shearing machine?

The basic component of the relay contactor control circuit is low-voltage electrical appliances. Generally, electrical appliances with a rated voltage level below AC 1200 V-DC 1500 V are called low-voltage electrical appliances.

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Related Introduction of Waste Shredder

The waste shredder is a machine composed of a crushing knife roller system, a carrying case, a hopper, a power system, and an electronic control system. It is mainly used to crush domestic waste, construction waste, plastic waste, electronic waste, etc. Its function is mainly to reduce its volume and save space to facilitate transportation and recycling. Below I will give a brief introduction to the waste shredder.

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