Pre-sale Service

Technical Selection.

JXR technical team will recommend the most suitable equipment according to the customer's material and production rate.

3D Display

Through 3D demonstration, customers can see the internal structure and details of the machine.

Quality Control

Reliable rigid structure

We have enough machine weight for good quality,structural rigidity and reliability.

Special Design and Top quality for key components.

We do some special designs for JXR recycling equipment and use top quality components as to make the equipment run continuously and efficiently.Help customers to save power and cost.

Professional debugging.

When the equipment is finished, our professional engineers will inspect and test the mechanical components ,hydraulic system and electrical system of the machine. And will use the corresponding waste scrap to test the operation effect of the baler or shear.

After-sale Service

Installation and Commissioning

We provide the services of installation and debugging for customers.

Online Technical Consultation

We provide customers with free online technical consulting service.

Site Training

We provide training services. Like how to operate the equipment, how to do routine maintenance, how to solve common problems.


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