200 tons Mixed Metal Scrap Metal Balers
200 tons Mixed Metal Scrap Metal Balers
200 tons Mixed Metal Scrap Metal Balers
200 tons Mixed Metal Scrap Metal Balers

200 tons Mixed Metal Scrap Metal Balers 200 tons Mixed Metal Scrap Metal Balers

Offer Mixed Scrap Metal Balers from 125 to 1000 tons
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JINXIN 200 tons mixed scrap metal baler is used to compress the scrap metal into bales with certain size.The machine adopts hydraulic transmission to complete the baling process.

It can be manually operated or automatically controlled.The baler adopts differential acceleration system,which increases the baling efficiency significantly.It is an excellent scrap metal equipment for recycling metals.

JINXIN hydraulic scrap metal baler is widely used for pressing iron coil,aluminum sheet,copper wires,aluminum profile,scrap metal shaving,waste metal pipe etc

Special Features Of JINXIN mixed scrap metal balers.

1:Reliable structural rigidity with enough weight

2:Cutting blade around lid and chamber box as to process long material.

3:Adopt the Japan imported seals to ensure without phenomenon of oil leak and improve the service of the cylinder.

4:Adopt the vessel classification of welding process to ensure that machine is more stable.

5:Adopt Taiwan brand cooling system to extend use of hydraulic components.

6:Adopt Rexroth joint venture brand valve group.

7:Adopt connect motor with pump directly to ensure 100% concentricity and extend use of pump.

8:Chamber size and bale size can be customized as clients’ demands.

9:Using unique design which main cylinder stroke extended 100-200 mm.

10:All electric wire of JINXIN automatic scrap metal balers were put into steel pipe,which avoid being cutting by scrap metals.

11:For maintenance convenience,JINXIN machine use flange connection between steel pipe and hydraulic hose.


After Baled 

Technical Parameter




Chamber size

1600x1200x800 mm

1800x1400x900 mm

Bale size

400x400 mm

450x450 mm

Production rate

2.5-4.5 t/h

3.0-5.0 t/h

Motor power

37 kw

2x22 kw

Press force

2000 kn

2000 kn




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