What Makes The Selection Of The Right Scrap Metal Shear A Difficult Decision?

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Scrap metal shears are machines that are robust and used in processing scraps. It reduces the objects to compressed size.


They are usually used in steelworks, foundries, scrap yards and other metal recycling amenities.


Also, the methods of choosing the suitable equipment to process scrap requirements can be downright nerve breaking some times.


Nevertheless, when selecting a good scrap metal shears, various questions can come up;


Example of those questions are: Do you need to log or bale scrap after shear scrap or you only need shear scrap? What kind of complete product is expected? What type of scrap need processing?

 630 tons Scrap Baler Shear

Well, putting in mind that it may be completely uneconomical, the fact remains that you will want the machine to handle everything alone.


However, for you to obtain high-quality scrap metal shears, you need contact a reputable scrap metal shears manufacturer to save your hard-earned money.


Defining the right  size of equipment

In a case where you run a scrap yard which is of average level, you will definitely  have different kinds of scrap that require processing and shipping to your customers.


But, how will you be able to process such scraps and it will have minimal effect on your sales margins?

It is evident that for every moment you relocate your materials, it will require some price from you, even when it is within your yard.


However, the decision of implementing your operation shear and logger/baler or scrap shear is mostly the perfect one.


So, how significant will the shear be, and what capacities will you consider?

Generally, about 85-90% of the thickness of your scrap material should be easily worked upon by a shear or shear/baler. And the remaining amounts to be processed with crane or torch mounted shears.


However, purchasing a shear with the ability to process over the percentage mentioned above will needlessly raise the costs of your processing.


Also, when considering light materials, it will reduce your margins than it will cost when considering to process the residual by touch.


Nevertheless, the shear supposed to have a minimum capacity of your current needs, which is 150%. Once you installed a shear, your average amounts will increase.


Perhaps, you may have the need to work, log or bale, but without a particular baler on your site. You may have to consider buying a baler/logger or even the hybrid design of shear at the same time.


Therefore, contacting a reputable scrap metal shears manufacturer is the best option to get the necessary guides.


The hybrid shear as well as the baler/logger will guarantee high flexibility as you will be able to produce both shredded logs, tight bales and sheared scrap.


So, when thinking of the volumes, you should, as well, consider the level of production for each required product type.


Also, any machine you chose to buy, carefully considers where you will place it inside your yard.


Consequences of making the wrong decisions 

Although there are basic things to factor in, and when the decision can seem to be comfortable in the true sense of it, most times, it may turn out entirely complicated.


The improper placing of the metal shear inside your yard or purchasing the wrong shear can cause your operations with terrible consequences.


Most times, when large shears are purchased with the thoughts of being on a safer side, it usually harms your margins.


Are you in need of a metal scrap shear?

Metal scrap shear is one of our core products. The scrap metal shears can be used in steelworks, foundries, scrap yards and other metal recycling amenities.


Kindly contact us today for a smooth business transaction that will transform your company positively.


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