Important Things To Know About Scrap Metal Balers

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These days, conversations about the importance of metal recycling are popular because of the huge pollution problem the world is experiencing. 


The machines that are used in the recycling of recyclable materials (such as plastic, iron, aluminium, paper, cotton goods and fibre) are called Balers.


Scrap metal balers are specialized machines used in the baling and recycling of metal scrap materials. 


They possess a crane and an ability to be controlled remotely. 


They usually come with one or two baling rams which help produce dense bails under a short period.


Scrap metal balers are complex to use, and while many guides may help an individual understand the use and of balers, the best thing is to purchase a high-quality metal baler from the most reliable manufacturer for easy, long-term usability. 


Many people get stuck in the use of scrap metal balers; there are so many dos and don’ts involved in the purchase, ownership and use of scrap metal balers. 

 scrap metal balers

Below is a list of eight important things that must be noted in the purchase, ownership and use of scrap metal balers:

1. Before the baler is purchased, be cognisant with the specific needs and requirements that the purchased baler is supposed to serve


2. The material that is to be recycled, its size, and its dimensions must be well known.


It is very important that the metallic material that is to be recycled fits the opening of the baler comfortably and even leaving a little bit of space to emphasize comfort.


3. Know the quality of material that will be loaded into the baler per cycle.


The baler to be purchased must meet the required capacity of scrap metal per cycle to avoid overworking it.


It is useless to purchase a baler that has to run for a short period, leaving a high quantity of metal scrap left to be baled or to have it run frequently, thereby, overworking it.


4. Be cognisant with other minor issues such as the free space that the bales will be moved after recycling, the budget, available raw materials, and storage space.


5. Be sure of the electricity consumption options for the baler and the also, know the requirements for either the 3-phase or single-phase baler


6. Be well versatile in the basic mechanisms of a scrap metal baler; be deliberate about acquiring knowledge about its operations, requirements, functions and features.


This will help greatly in preserving the scrap metal baler for long-term use. 


7. Ensure that the purchased baler can fit into every doorway till it reaches its destination


8. Simple operating features of the scrap metal baler such as the movement of the door, the accessibility, the space to move the bales, and the dimensions of the baler can and should be customized according to special needs and requirements. 


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