1000 Tons Press Shear will be delivered to Russia in November

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As the world continues to make effort to recycle waste and covert used materials to new products with better value, we at Jiangyin JXR Hydraulic Co., Ltd are working ceaselessly to make this dream a reality.


Over the years, metal scraps have been in high demand, majorly for the purpose of converting such scrap into new products.


And as this demand for metal scrap continues to increase, manufacturing companies on their part are working real hard to manufacture machines that will make the entire process less laborious.


Among such machines is the press shear machine that helps in cutting bulky and heavy duty metal scrap into smaller pieces that can be easily conveyed from one place to another.


As a heavy weight in the industry, and as a professional and reliable manufacturer of press shear, we have a global reputation for the manufacture of press shear of superior quality.


A top secret why our products are of premium quality isn’t far-fetched. We use only high-quality material in the manufacture of our equipment, and for this reason, our products are known to be of the best quality with a promise of durability.


Due to this high level of expertise which we have displayed without compromise for more than a decade, we have attracted to ourselves a lot of global customers who are always pleased with our product delivery and performance.


And recently, we received an order from one of our client in Russia for a business deal involving the manufacture and shipping of 1000 tons of high-quality press shear equipment to them.

 1000 tons press shear

As part of our discussion about the specifications, budget and all other information that will enhance a perfect delivery about the said product, our Russian client added that they hope to receive the said equipment in Russia in November.


After our discussion as well as agreement on the terms of the project, our client added that they picked us to handle the manufacture and delivery of 1000 tons press shear for them due to the trust they have in us for the manufacture of machines of world-class quality.


Adding, further, our client said that they are hopeful that the standard in which we have been known to maintain in the industry for over a decade will be exhibited once again in the current project at hand.


In response to our client’s words of trust to us, we gave them our words of assurance that the 1000 tons press shear which they have ordered shall be designed, manufactured and delivered even beyond their expectations.


And about the expected date of delivery of the product, we also assured our Russian client that we shall do our best to ensure that we beat the deadline and deliver the product even before the set time.


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