Metal Baler Machine
Metal Baler Machine

Metal Baler Machine Metal Baler Machine

Offer Metal Baler Machine from 125 to 1000 tons
Professional Technician Support
Low Cost and Fast Delivery
Perfect Solution Supply
12 Months Warranty

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JINXIN  Metal Baler Machine for processing your galvanised iron coil,heavy scrap,scrap cars,rebars pieces.


Scrap Metal Baler from JINXIN offer high-capacity, perfect guiding and user-friendly, safe controls.


  • Special Features

  • JINXIN using thicker steel plate for scrap balers and scrap shears.

  • JINXIN using unique design which main cylinder stroke extended 100-200 mm.

  • All electric wire of JINXIN machines were put into steel pipe,which avoide being cutting by scrap metals.

  • All switches of JINXIN baler both have cover protection.

  • For maintenance convenience,JINXIN machine use flange connection between steel pipe and hydraulic hose.



After Baled 





Chamber size

1600x1000x800 mm

1600x1200x800 mm

Bale size

400x400 mm

400x400 mm

Production rate

2.0-3.0 t/h

2.0-4.0 t/h

Motor power

2x22 kw

2x22 kw

Press force

1600 kn

1600 kn




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