The Proper Maintenance of Scrap Metal balers

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At a first glance at the pieces of equipment used in waste processing, scrap metal or recycling facilities, chances are very high that there will be loaders, conveyors, forklifts, screens and of course balers.


Apart from the separating equipment or the fixed sorting equipment, other equipment in a recycling facility can be rented out, used for a little turnaround time or purchased. 


While it may be difficult, it is not impossible to rent out a baler.


But whenever these balers are not properly maintained, the result can be long, extensive downtime periods especially in cases where the spare parts needed are hard to find or not readily available.


Those spare parts can include the cylinders, pumps, motors, linear plates or valves. 


This is why scrap metal balers need to be properly maintained and operated for effective use in any recycling or waste management facility.


But first, it is highly important to purchase high-quality metal scrap balers only from the most reliable manufacturer to reduce the extent of maintenance and repair needed.

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Here are some simple maintenance information in metal scrap baler operations:

· The balers should always be inspected and kept clean. 

Completing this inspection should not be neglected at it is simple but very important. 


At the least, the baler operator/maintenance personnel should follow the basic maintenance guidelines as given by the baler manufacturer. 


This guideline stipulates the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly preventive inspection and maintenance procedures.


Because of the amount of work they have to do, metal scrap balers can get hot with dust being a major source of insulation. 


This is why it must be kept clean and precautions must be taken to ensure the motor and cooler are cleaned daily.


· A spare parts inventory should be purchased and maintained. 


There should be no waiting until there is a machine breakdown before the needed spare parts are ordered, keeping the scrap metal balers down for a longer period. 


When the baler is down, the only people that benefit from it are the competitors and the spare parts, vendors. Buying the needed spare parts long before they’re needed will always help save extra money.

A baler representative should be consulted to know the critical spare parts that need to be purchased and readily available in case of an emergency.


Spare parts take very long to manufacture (e.g. cylinders take weeks); this is why information about the length of production time for each spare part should be known so orders can be made in time.


· Preventive and anticipated major maintenance should be planned out. 


Routine maintenance should be carried out always without having to wait for a major breakdown. 


Due to the large volume of metal scrap that is to be processed, the scrap metal balers definitely need some major maintenance work (such as relining) often. Instead of waiting for the baler to demand this maintenance with a breakdown, carry them out routinely. 


The required maintenance work may vary depending on the type, size and baler condition, but regardless of the characteristics, preventive maintenance should always be carried out. 


The items that should be inspected daily include filters, cylinders, valves, hoses, pumps, pipes, the hydraulic fluid level, the hydraulic hoses, the hydraulic temperature, the cleanliness, the cooling device or radiator and the safety guarding.


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