Successful Delivery Of 1000 Tons Press Shear To Our Client In Russia

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Advancement in technology and bid to make the environment habitable ushered in new systems of processing and producing products.


The growth in the world to reduce waste products and convert them to a new product has highly increased over the years. Many machines have been put in place that is used in the transformation of used material to new ones.


Also, there has been rising competition among companies that transform used material into a new product, so daily manufacturing industries have been up and doing to fit in in the competitive market.


This competition is more in recycled industries. Industries that coverts metal scrap to a new product have been witnessing high rising competition most especially in Russia.


The rise in competition is due to the desire to make the environment clean and safe. And also to reduce the amount used in producing new products.


Being an experienced and reputable manufacturer of press shear, we are always available to give the best and high-quality machines to our clients.


We have clients in countries like the United States, Canada, Ghana, Malaysia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Pakistan, and others.

 1000 tons press shear

We are well known to produce high standard machines that help in all levels of processing metal scrap.


The intelligence and high proficiency of our team have made us rank one of the best manufacturers of Press shear, scrap metal baler, mobile scrap baler, scrap metal compactor, horizontal shear, and more.


As a result of this, one of our clients in Russia has gained confidence in us to deliver 1000 tons of Press Shear to them. Press shear is used in cutting huge metal scrap to piece for easy conveyance and production.


The order was made a few months ago and an agreement on how the clients want the press shear to function was reached, specifications were given as usual.


The manufacturing of the 1000 tons press shear was done successfully and all specifications given by the client were highly followed.

 1000 tons press shear

After the manufacturing, it was all shipped to our client in Russia, the delivery was successful.


Our client was stunned and speechless when they received it. It was all put to test and functions were perfect.


What did our Russian Client Say?


After checking and testing of the 1000 press shear delivered to Russia client was done, our client has these encouraging words sent to us.


"Upon the delivery of the press shear, we were stunned and amazed at the high quality and durable press shears delivered. It was amazing to see all specifications given followed. The delivery was fast despite the epidemic delay. We look forward to doing more businesses with your highly talented team of press shear manufacturer".


We are always available to make our clients' and prospective clients' production fast and easy by delivering high-quality machines nationwide.


Contact us today to place your order for press shear and other related machines that will help you a great deal in your manufacturing.


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