Types Of Waste Shredders And How To Choose Your Blade

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Waste recycling, which is a product of machines such as the waste shredders is a good way to save millions of money on a yearly basis. Interestingly, waste shredders comes in various varieties, and this is largely due to what type of waste material these machines are designed to shred.

Similarly, based on the type of material each machine is meant to recycle, the blades of each waste shredder also varies markedly from each other in this regards.

For this reason, it then becomes very important to identify and partner with a renowned waste shredder manufacturer that will provide you with the best machines that will serve the intended purpose perfectly.

Without much ado, let’s get to the brass tacks as we consider the various material that waste shredders are meant to recycling and how this material also affects the types of blades that each machine will require.


Major types of waste shredder



Paper shredders

Just like you would guess, paper shredders are used in the industrial disposal of waste paper, and also for a safe way of getting rid of very sensitive documents. Generally, paper shredders falls into various categories, and each with its unique characteristics thus;


  1. Industrial Paper Shredders

Used for shredding high volume of papers, and they are usually equipped with heavy duty blades that can handle a very high amount of shredding task.


  1. Strip Cut Shredders:

These paper shredders are employed for lower-volume applications, and in the same vein, their blades are lightweight, and they are mostly designed to shred papers within a small range such as ½ inch to about 1/16th inch


  1. Cross Cut Shredders:

This type of paper shredder are also known as double blade shredders, which are used for cutting waste paper into tiny strips, and they cut in square or rectangular form. However, cross cut shredder blades are usually the same as that found in strip cut shredders.

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Tyre Shredders

This type of shredders are meant specially for turning old types into asphalts, fuels, and even landfills, and they are designed to shred only tyres and not other plastic materials.

Some important features of a tyre shredder is that is tears tyre materials into tiny pieces, have strong blades to cut through tyres, employs a high torque force to shred tyres, and in some cases, the blades are designed in the form of drums or plats for the purpose of tearing tyres through abrasion.


Plastic Shredders

Just like paper shredders, plastic shredders are used for cutting plastic materials, and they also come in various types and forms thus;

  1. Grinders

This type of plastic shredder are used for pulverizing plastic materials, and they are also designed to cut plastid material into tiny pieces.


  1. Chippers

This type is designed to cut plastic materials into tiny chips or flakes


  1. Granulators

This is very close in design and action to chippers and grinder. However, their mechanism of action is to ensure that plastic materials are grinded into a fine and powdered form.



Choosing the best waste shredder blade


As mentioned earlier, various waste shredders are designed for different purposes, and for any waste shredder you invest in, you should be able to identify what type of blade will go with it.

Frankly speaking, blade selection for waste shredders depends largely on the type of shredder you are operating. For this reason, a paper shredder blade can never work for a tyre shredder and vice versa.

After choosing the right blade for your waste shredder, also consider to ensure that you take adequate care of your waste shredder blade by sharping it frequently, because once your waste shredder blades are dull, not only with this stop your production process, it can also hinder the performance of your waste shredder.



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