What Is An Industrial Shredder and How Does An Industrial Shredder Work

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What Is An Industrial Shredder

An industrial shredder is a piece of heavy duty equipment designed to shred dense and light materials to prepare them for recycling or for the destruction of unusable products. They are an environmentally sound device that takes otherwise useless materials and transforms them into raw forms for manufacturing or waste management. Industrial shredders vary from office equipment designed to destroy sensitive documents to huge commercial industrial shredders that prepare materials for disposal or recycling. In recent years, shredders have become an essential part of manufacturing and production as an assist to helping reduce the amount of waste dumped into landfills.

What Is An Industrial Shredder

How Does An Industrial Shredder Work

The operation of a shredder may seem rather simple since you place material in them that is cut by single or multiple blades into fragments for reprocessing or waste management. The engineering principles behind the operation of a shredder are more complex than their simple function. The basic elements of a shredder include a rotor, a counter blade or counter blades, housing, motor, feeding, power system, and a control system and can include grabbing.

· Rotor The rotor on a shredder has saw teeth cutters that mesh with knives to shred scrap and waste.

· Blades Blades are at the heart of a shredder but must be chosen carefully to fit the material to be shredded since not all blades can be used on all materials. They are made of hardened alloyed steel and may be coated to add to their useful life.

· Housing The housing contains all of the components of the shredder and is made of heavy duty metal.

· Motor The motor on a shredder operates at a slow speed to lessen its stress. The slow rotating speed and high torque allows the shredder to shred a variety of materials.

· Power Systems The two types of shredders are hydraulic and electric. Electric systems are preferred since they take up less space and can process most materials. Hydraulic power is better for heavy duty processing and can handle overloads from batch feeding.

· Feeding Batch and meter feeding are the most common feeding methods, where batch feeding is designed to shred large quantities of material. Metered feeding is placing materials in the shredder at an even flow and normally employs some form of conveyor.

· Grabbing This is the process whereby the shredder takes the material and pulls it down into the cutting blades. Its function is determined by the size and shape of the cutter hook as well as the texture and weight of the material.

· Control Systems With the advancement of technology, modern shredders for industrial use have touch panel control systems that allow for in process adjustments to shredding eliminating the need to access the mechanism to make changes and adjustments.

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