Wire and cables crusher Wire and cables crusher

High quality thickened steel welded structure.
High quality alloy steel Blade
Various screen types for optional
Multiple-protective funtion

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Product Description

JINXIN Wires and Cables Crusher is widely used, customized spindle rotor basis on the customer's material.Reliable performance, high capacity. Unique the crushing room structure and feeding hopper type,it can crush the large appliances shell,car bumper,rubber thick-walled plastic products into small particles.Also can be used as a core crusher for a variety of renewable recycling production line. Such as matching the shredding machine it will pack the material after shredded for the next step refinement, with washing granulation line to meet customer demand for high-capacity recycling.

Spindle Rotor:

Spindle rotor adopt steel structure with high strength, unique V-design. Also can design the most suitable spindle according to different materials. And the spindle use strict static and dynamic balance test to ensure smooth and reliable machine operation.

External bearing housings:

Housing installed outside of main body, adopt wool felt seal between the spindle and the box. Effectively prevent the crushed material into the bearing box, improve bearing life.

Opening and closing device by hydraulic:

Upper and down crushing room, screen bracket, the use of hydraulic control automatic opening and closing. Facilitate machine maintenance, blade, screen replacement, the rapid completion of crushing cabinet clean. 

Blade changing fixed protection device:

Blade changing process can keep fixed spindle rotor, cut the circuit, easy to tighten the fastening bolts. To prevent operation of the machine, do not operate to protect the safety of maintenance personnel.


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