Printer Shell Shredders
Printer Shell Shredders

Printer Shell Shredders Printer Shell Shredders

Offer Printer Shell Shredder Motor:7.5 kw*2
Shredding room:600*430 mm
12 Months Warranty
Perfect Solution Supply
Professional Technician Support

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Product Description

JinXin Printer Shell Shredder Machines are used for cutting scrap metal into small pieces,achieve the effect of convenient transportation and material management.

The metal shaving shredders are approved by CE Certificate.It adopts microcomputer automatic control,and has the functions of start,stop,reverse and overload automatic revers control.The two shaft shredder has the characteristics of low speed,large torque and low noise.

The computer hard drive shredders can be used to process various materials.Such as waste TV,washing machines,refrigerator shells,used tires,pipes,plastic pallent,packing drums,old car shells and waste aluminum castings.

JinXin small metal shredders are very popular in Russia,Canada,Australia,Malaysia,Thailand,Greece,Brazil and Africa.






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Shredding room size

500*400 mm

600*430 mm

Blade thickness

20 mm

25 mm

Number of Blades

25 pieces

24 pieces


2*7.5 kw

2*11 kw




Aluminum cans

Aluminum Cans

  oil drum

Oil Drum

  waste car

Waste Car

waste stainless steel

Waste Stainless Steel

  aluminum scrap

Aluminum Scrap

  metal clip

Metal Clip


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