800 tons Scrap Metal Shear

800 tons Scrap Metal Shear 800 tons Scrap Metal Shear

Offer Scrap Metal Shear from 315 to 1500 tons
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JinXin Scrap Metal Shear is widely used for cutting metal structures made of waste steel pipes,scrap steel billets,square steel,I-beams,channel steels and so on.It's special designed for processing bulky scrap metal.


Advantage of JXR heavy scrap gantry shear:

Equipped with "speed-up device".It can save more power.

Equipped with top quality scrap metal cutting blade.

Reliable structural rigidity with enough weight

Adopt the vessel classification of welding process to ensure that machine is more stable.

Adopt the Japan imported seals to ensure without phenomenon of oil leak and improve the service of the cylinder.

Hydraulic adjustment of cutting length.

High capacity heat exchanger with controlled operation.

Electric box equipped with control touch screen.

Remote control as standard.

For maintenance convenience,our metal press shear use flange connection between steel pipe and hydraulic hose.


Model Q91Y-1000 Q91Y-1250
Blade length 1800 mm 2000 mm
Shear frequency 3 times/min 3 times/min
Motor power 4x45 kw 5x45 kw
Shear force 1000 kn 1250 kn
Feeding chamber size 8000x1800x1000 mm 8000x2000x1000 mm

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