500 tons Hydraulic Baler Shears 500 tons Hydraulic Baler Shears

Offer Hydraulic Baler Shear from 400 to 630 tons
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YBS series of hydraulic baler shears are used for cutting every type of light scrap metal.The materials are pressed and cut into pieces.



Model YBS-630 YBS-500
Blade length 700 mm 700 mm
Shear frequency 3 times/min 3 times/min
Product rate 10-15 tons/h 4-8 tons/h
Motor power 4x45 kw 4x30 kw
Shear force 6300 kn 5000 kn
Chamber size 6000x1800x1000 mm 6000x1500x800 mm
Bale size 6000x500x500 mm 6000x500x500 mm


Main parts Brand Country
Motor Siemens Germany
Oil pump Parker USA
Valve HUADE China
PLC Siemens Germany
Electric element Schneider France
Oil sealing ring NOK Japan

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