Working Principles, Applications And Benefits Of Scrap Metal Shears

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The era of waste and uncontrollable environmental pollution is gradually coming to an end. Besides, there are different stiff policies by government agencies to discourage environmental pollution. Thankfully, scrap metal shears are one machine in the recycling industry that is very powerful and useful for recycling metal scraps. It recycles at very low operational costs with high production outputs.


Purchasing quality scrap metal shears from an experienced manufacturer is the solution to all your recycling needs. You are sure of a machine that meets all your recycling needs.


It is designed to process the metal scrap in a way that reduces the material to a compressed size for easy recycling. With this machine, a recycling process becomes easy and cost-effective.


Working Principles

The working principles of this fantastic machine are simple. Just like hitting with a hammer, the metal scraps are driven by a high-torque motor. The hammer on the rotor hits the metal that enters the cavity. The scraps are crushed to a required size. The crushed materials are sorted into metal and non-metal materials. To avoid air pollution, the machine removes dust using dust removing device during the recycling process.


Benefits Of Using Scrap Metal Shears

There are numerous benefits of using this well-designed machine in your company. Some of the benefits are:

1. It has a quality cutting blade that is reliable and highly effective. This makes it easy for cutting different metal structures.

2. It saves more energy during operation. There is a high-speed device that enables the machine to recycle faster.

3. Easy to maintain. The connection between the hydraulic hose and the steel pipe is done using a flange. The flange makes maintenance easy to carry out on the machine.

4. Touch screen electric box. This is another benefit of using it to work. The electric box has a touch screen that is used to control it. There is also a remote control that makes it easy to operate the machine.

5. No leak of oil due to standard seal adopted from Japan. There is no wastage of oil. There is also hydraulic adjustment that enables easy cutting of metal length.

 scrap metal shears

Application of Metal Scrap Shear

There is a wide range of applications of this machine in the metal processing industry. Some of the areas of application are:

· Used in processing mixed iron steel.

· Used to process scraps of car shells.

· It is used to recycle scrap metals and aluminum extrusion.

· The machine can also be used to process copper and steel tubes.

· It is applicable in the recycling process of rebars, and waste I-beam steels.


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