Scrap Metal Baling Press Machine Exported to Asia

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JinXin Scrap Metal Baling Press Machine Exported to Asia

Press force:2*2500KN    Motor:2*22KW   Machine with Remote Control


Applications: Y81K series of hydraulic baling presses are applied in steel mills, recycling plants, ferrous & non-ferrous smelting industry to press scrap metal (steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, discarded automobiles, etc) into acceptable furnace charges in shapes of cuboids, cylinders & octagons.

Features: ① Hydraulic drive, manual valve operation or PLC control. ② Bale-discharging: "turn-out", "push-out", "forward-out", & manual discharging. ③ Options for different force, press box size, bale shape & size. ④ Electrical motor, diesel engine or generator for power.

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