Waste Tyre Application


JinXin Waste Tyre Shredders  are used for cutting waste tires small pieces,achieve the effect of convenient transportation and material management.

The machine is also called tyre shredder, which is used to crush the whole tyre (the size of the tyre is smaller than 1200 mm) into rubber pieces of 50mm*50mm. The tyre shredding machine for sale mainly includes these devices: tire hoist, power system, shredding steels, screening unit, etc.

Why Tires should be recycled?

Tire fires can easily occur, burning for long periods, up to a month and also creating substantial pollution in the air and ground. Recycling helps to reduce the number of tires in storage. An additional health risk, tire piles provide harborage for vermin and a breeding ground for mosquitoes that may carry diseases.

Keeps the Tires out of Waterways and Soil.Prevent Air Pollution.Tyres can be recycled and there're numerous environmental reasons why you would want to recycle tires.

The metal shredders are approved by CE Certificate.It adopts microcomputer automatic control,and has the functions of start,stop,reverse and overload automatic revers control.The two shaft shredder has the characteristics of low speed,large torque and low noise.

The shredders can be used to process various materials.Such as waste TV,washing machines,refrigerator shells,used tires,pipes,plastic pallent,packing drums,old car shells and waste aluminum castings.

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